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Dev Kit is a MSYS/Min GW-based toolkit than enables you to build many of the native C/C extensions available for Ruby.

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A: For exercises that compile third-party code, Windows users may need to install the Ruby Installer Development Kit (Dev Kit).

PHP security isn’t just an option anymore; it’s a necessity.

Sites are hacked daily, and as you build a site using PHP, you need to know how to keep it safe from the bad guys.

You can require any field, or any control that is bound to a field, to have a value.

For example, you can set the exact text, range of numbers, or any other criteria for the field.For this reason, input validation is an important part of securing your Web application and creating a more robust technological system.If you use PHP (and you should), this task is significantly simplified by the PEAR Validate class, which provides ready-made methods for common user validation tasks.PHP security is securing your site in PHP, to help prevent the bad guys from gaining unauthorized access to your site’s data.It helps you keep your data’s integrity and ensures availability as needed.First and foremost: you’ll need a working knowledge of PHP to read this post.

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