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If you are running an RPM-based Linux distribution, such as Red Hat, updating VMware-Tools on your VM should be quick and easy.

During the update, your VM will lose network connectivity for a brief amount of time, so it would be prudent to perform the update during an off-peak time.

I like to use the one that opts out of Shared Folders (HGFS) but installs all the others.

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Using the VI client, you can right-click on your VM and select "Install/Upgrade VMware Tools".

You will be prompted to select an interactive or automatic installation.

For instance, a heterogeneous environment with very large clusters requires a different method than a system with just a few VMs.

To install VMware Tools through the v Sphere Web Client, just select the VM and click on Install VMware Tools.

To update VMware-Tools on your VM automatically simply run the following command as root: This will download and run our vmware-tools-update script.

This script takes care of subscribing to the Repo, uninstalling old tools, and installing the correct version of the new tools.The guest operating system checks the version of VMware Tools when you power on a virtual machine.The status bar of the virtual machine displays a message when a new version is available.If you are having issues with the mouse cursor or connecting to the VM, make sure you are using the Skytap-supported version of VMware Tools.Newer versions of VMware Tools may not work with After you uninstall VMware Tools and reboot the machine, you must reinstall VMware Tools to restore mouse control.If you prefer to manually install VMware-Tools, follow these steps: 1.) Remove old VMware-Tools: rpm -e VMware Tools If that command fails, you probably have installed your VMware-Tools via tar package.

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