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In the example below I changed the sheet names in column B, and also changed the tab colors by filling the cells with color.

Once you are finished making changes, you simply click the Run Update button and Tab Control will update the workbook with your changes.

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As I started adding more features to Tab Hound, I quickly realized that I wanted it to be able to automate more of the complex tasks I do with my worksheets.

This included processes like: Some of these were possible in a form like the Tab Hound window, but it is difficult to develop in a way that is easy for the user. I wanted to make mass changes to the worksheets in my workbook in a way that was fast and simple.

Name = Left(Target, 31) Exit Sub Badname: Msg Box "Please revise the entry in A1." & Chr(13) _ & "It appears to contain one or more " & Chr(13) _ & "illegal characters." & Chr(13) Range("A1"). I currently have sheets for each two week pay period in a year, and the name for each sheet is the pay day (ex: January 7).

Activate End Sub is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. In the "Tab Names" sheet, I'll have every pay day listed for a given year (ex, January 7, January 21, etc.). After I created each individual tab and renamed each tab to the clients name.

You probably already know that you can change the name of a worksheet tab by double-clicking on the tab and providing a new name. What if you want to have the value in cell A1 automatically appear as the tab name?

Unfortunately, Excel doesn't provide an intrinsic function to handle this sort of task. Name = Steer Variment Next Steer Variment End Sub @Matthew, Yes, what you want is easily done.

On the final step of the import, you’ll check the box next to Auto-update my existing list, and click Import. We’ll handle the rest by scanning your list and updating subscriber information. You’ll need to verify that your import column names match your Mail Chimp list field names and that no fields are blank.

Blank fields overwrite existing subscriber data with blanks, erasing your old information. View Your List Import Results Import Subscribers into Groups Format Guidelines for Your Import File Requirements and Best Practices for Lists Learn about ways to grow your list.

In this article, you’ll learn how to import subscribers to your Mail Chimp list. First, you’ll prepare your spreadsheet file of contacts outside of Mail Chimp, and save it as a CSV file.

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