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Search for them in the Windows Cortana search box with “*.ico” — but try to limit which folders you’re searching, otherwise you will pull up every single icon image (all those images displayed in every single folder).

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Basic tasks Click an account name in the account bar to open its register.

Click a transaction in a register to make changes, or click a blank line to manually enter a new transaction.

I was feeling semi-outraged at my Quicken experience beginning about one year ago, but after reading some of the reviews on here, I think I got off lucky.

I have been a dedicated Quicken user for about 20 years and have been happy.

Choose what you would like to do: Note: One Step Update doesn't work with Web Connect accounts.

Quicken may be able to upgrade accounts you currently update through your financial institution's website to another connection type that you can use with One Step Update. Notes Set up scheduled updates You can schedule updates to connect to your financial institutions to regularly download cleared transactions at a time that you specify.

I know something was different about Quicken and its relationships with my Bank (Bank of America) and my CC (Chase).

I was given some kind of a reason, but not the real explanation I have read today.

Here's a quick introduction to the tools you'll use most often.

Panels The account bar is a list of all the accounts you've added to Quicken.

All I knew was suddenly the downloads from my bank and my credit card were incredibly wrong.

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