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Logos also recently published its own Lexham Bible Reference series, featuring new scholarship on the original Biblical languages.

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As with all other versions of Logos Bible Software, it was offered as a free update to existing customers.

"I have purchased a new book or package upgrade, but cannot find it in the Library." OR "I can't find a book I owned in a previous version of Logos." Tip: Restart Logos After downloading a resource or update, Logos must be restarted to install the necessary files and begin indexing.

If this has not occurred, please verify you have internet access, be sure to check your antivirus and firewall settings, and follow the steps below. If you connect to the internet wirelessly, consider connecting through an Ethernet cable instead before proceeding.

This type of connection is more stable and has fewer variables to compete with.

All of these tools are connected by a single account—your Faithlife account. If you previously created an account on it is still active and valid.

It has simply been renamed as your “Faithlife Account”.

Logos 3 takes the *.lbxoeb format for personal books. I will endeavor over time to get each author their own page, but for now you should be able to access everything right here. This entry is part 2 of 12 in the series Personal Books Logos Personal books now link to L3 format PBB (*.lbxoeb) and where available the source files for Logos 4’s Personal Books (*.docx).

Logos Bible Software is all about easier Bible study.

In addition to basic e Book functionality, it includes extensive resource linking, note-taking functionality, and linguistic analysis for study of the Bible both in translation and in its original languages. As of February 2017, Logos Bible Software is in its seventh version.

Logos Bible Software is compatible with more than 43,000 titles related to the Bible from 200 publishers, including Baker, Bantam, Catholic University of America Press, Eerdmans, Harvest House, Merriam Webster, Moody Press, Oxford University Press, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale House, and Zondervan.

Below is the master tree that will take you to all of them.

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