Tony parker dating eva longoria

By Jason Marshall It's a happy day for Tony Parker!DATING IS THE NEW BLACK: Meet Laverne's New Man The NBA player and his wife, Axelle Francine, are expecting their second child together.Um, is there anything that's considered worse than an air ball?

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I ask her "why the commitment should be made in the first place?

"In the case of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker only he can answer that question.

Festivities began as early as Thursday night in San Antonio's Cowboy Dancehall.

The rest of the weekend remained subdued, too, sources told .

Reportedly Eva found hundreds of sext messages on Tony’s smart…smarter than Tony… That teammate, Brent Berry has also filed for divorce from his wife, Erin Berry. Lots of suffering and destruction because two people put their own lusty needs before the commitment made to their spouses.

Three Things You Need to Know About Eva and Tony’s Divorce: In my parent’s generation the focus was on making the marriage work regardless.

Of course, this all happened after Tony's failed marriage to Eva Longoria - which lasted from 2007 until several sets of cheating rumors led to their divorce in 2011.

It's been widely assumed that Longoria discoverd an affair the basketball player had been having with Erin Barry, the wife of Tony's former teammate Brent Barry. And for those of you who don't live in earshot of French radio, the San Antonio Spurs Point guard also shared the news on his Twitter account.

See more: Celebrity-Approved Honeymoon Destinations"It was just a little gathering," an employee at the Cowboy Dancehall dished.

"He wanted to show them a Texas country good time." That same employee also told the magazine that the groom sipped cocktails and danced the night away.

It’s due to happen in July.” #ICYMI: Parker and Francine have been together since 2011.

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