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For the first time in his career, the budget did not allow new songs to be commissioned for a Presley film.The soundtrack was assembled from previously released recordings, recycling nine songs in total with some dating back to recording sessions from 1960.Four of the songs were released on singles, with the other five on an extended play single as the official soundtrack.

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It only reached #70 on the singles chart, another indication of format's lack of appeal by the mid-1960s, although the fact its contents featured songs that were already available on various still-in-catalog albums may have also played a role.

RCA would only issue one more extended play single for Presley in 1967.

A second pairing, "I'm Yours" by Don Robertson and Hal Blair also from Pot Luck with "(It's A) Long Lonely Highway" by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman from Kissin' Cousins, were reissued as the A and b sides respectively of catalogue item 47-8657 in August 1965, "I'm Yours" also peaking on the chart at #11.

The soundtrack EP was issued in June 1965 containing the other five songs.

) My second experience was intense, but interesting!

Since my last ticklish encounter my friend had bought some light restraints, that we had used on her to 'break them in' as... Or maybe get tied up and tickled BY me ;) I'm a good tickler and a fun lee!

We travel, so even if you are outside the bay area, let's talk. then please drop me a line and let's see where it takes us ??? Doesn't matter if you like being tied down or not, your preference. I'm only looking for a female, around my age but a little older is fine. LOL I am looking for men to tickle me but a girl would be fine...

I'm looking for a person or persons to "punish" me like I deserve. I have a foot fetish and would love to be tied up/tie up. And I am extremely ticklish unfortunately I do not get tickled at all like i would like. for a male -ler in the Chicago area, who is anywhere from 30-50.

the man with a quarter left of his brain..won't get publishedsteal it for a nickleand i only said that.... i like to laugh as i eat my pickle...ooooooooooo there's another wordthat rymes withtickle So tickle me now you free verse fanaticskeep it simple and stay out of the atticskeep out of your basementsput your feet on ground floor!! then she'd try to kiss me i'd squirm till she missed methen go fishing for skinnier troutnot that there's anything bad about stoutespecially in an Irish Pub...heyyyy some of my best friends are copsbut uhhhh they never tickled mebut if i found an Irish female cop who'd be willing....dorks are listening time to be quietwatch the doors or there might be a riot Hey! Said the Korean shop keeper to the gang of Mexicans...(well... there really aren't any)Dorks are promising us to run our country so we can have fun Hey! Oh Crap I forgot to mention toilet paper...(well....

so i could ryme with ticklebut i like to be happy Jerry! he didn't look Korean)dorks are defending us now in courttime to fill up the prisons as a last resort Hey! I 'll use the funny pages)(Children of Agnostics on Sunday)oh paleasegive me a breakdon't play gameskeep it realyou gotta representyou know what I'm sayin'Well that's justlikesoawesome brother!

i was so happy to have captured this girl and now she saw me she started to scream at me "let me go" then i taped her mouth shut "mmmmmmphhhhh" i told...

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