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See more » This is a typical abuse movie, but it is also the kind you catch your self watching it every time it comes on. It is the type of Lifetime movie that makes me want to watch Lifetime movies. I always like the Richard Grieco movies on Lifetime. But you still can't help falling for him for at least a portion of the movie. I could not imagine being a former abuse victim and having to watch my own daughter showing the signs of abuse.

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Or does he have a girlfriend who he is dating and have plans to get married to? In one of his famous and successful projects, "Animal Kingdom," Weary portrays Deran, the youngest son of the family who struggles with his sexuality.

The show is about a family of criminals fronted by a controlling matriarch, Ellen Barkin, who plays Smurf and has her love-hate relationship with her children.

There's so much about family and what kind of relationships each member of the family has with each other and also outside of the family.

A lot of the show is very much about staying in the family and keeping it a very exclusive.

In an interview with the NBC back in 2016, Weary and Jonathan Lisco talked about the show.

Getting to the point, the interviewer asked, I think there's something about this show that's surprisingly a lot about love.

Her daughter Carrie, a single mother to a 5 year old daughter Jenna, begins dating Gene Shepard, a handsome construction worker.

Peggy soon learns that the man has a history of violence and tries to warn Carrie but Carrie doesn't believe it and thinks her Mom is crazy.

But their charismatic lead singer holds a dark secret from his past, a secret that is about to explode.

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