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Accès rapide : Salon : Janvier // Février // Mars // Avril // Mai // Été // Septembre // Octobre // Novembre // Décembre // Infos pratiques : Parc Exposition de Tours // Centre de Congrès de Tours // Chartres // Bourges // Orléans // Châteauroux // Montluçon // Avec de grandes villes comme Tours, Chartres, Bourges ou encore Orléans, la région centre Val de Loire accueille toute l’année un certain nombre de salons et foires de premier plan.

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Start your visit at the Pont Vieux (Old Bridge) which crosses the River Aude, and was the original entry road to La Cite, the medieval walled town that has witnessed so much of the Languedoc's bloody history.

This crossing gives the visitor one of the best views of the city, so have your cameras at the ready!

The cathedral's gothic façade (completed in the 16th century) was the subject of a series of paintings by Claude Monet, some of which are exhibited in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

The Gros Horloge is an astronomical clock dating back to the 16th century. Other famous structures include Rouen Castle, whose keep is known as the tour Jeanne d'Arc, where Joan of Arc was brought in 1431 to be threatened with torture (contrary to popular belief, she was not imprisoned there but in the since destroyed tour de lady Pucelle); the Church of Saint Ouen (12th–15th century); the Palais de Justice, which was once the seat of the Parlement (French court of law) of Normandy; the Gothic Church of St Maclou (15th century); and the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics which contains a splendid collection of faïence and porcelain for which Rouen was renowned during the 16th to 18th centuries.

It was one of the capitals of the Anglo-Norman dynasties, which ruled both England and large parts of modern France from the 11th to the 15th centuries.

The population of the metropolitan area (in French: agglomération) at the 2007 census was 532,559, with the city proper having an estimated population of 110,276. Rouen and its metropolitan area of 70 suburban communes form the Agglomeration community of Rouen-Elbeuf-Austreberthe (CREA), with 494,382 inhabitants at the 2010 census.If you own a car then you'll know about the cost of fuel, insurance, road tax and MOT, but do you know how much your car actually costs to run?There's a wealth of advice and info below for you...invaluable if you're looking for a new car.Vous aussi vous avez un métier comptable, architecte, consultant, institutrice etc... Vous pouvez vous inscrire au coaching de Muriel Montossey et à votre tour brûlez les planches !Distribution : Christelle GRZES, Pascale BOUREAU, Hong Duc Vho, Yolande PENA, Aymeric CARREZ.The Jardin des Plantes de Rouen is a notable botanical garden once owned by Scottish banker John Law dated from 1840 in its present form.

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