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"Winter Birds" was featured on the tenth episode of the fifth season of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

"Let it Be Me" was also featured on the second episode of the second season of Eli Stone, the second episode of the sixth season of Criminal Minds, and the first season finale of Parenthood.

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Ray La Montagne's third album, Gossip in the Grain is as different from 2007's Till the Sun Turns Black as that album was from 2006's Trouble.

The deep, heart-of-night atmospherics of the preceding disc have been jettisoned in favor of a brightly lit palette of textures and instruments that legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan Johns uses to illustrate La Montagne's considerable ambitions as a writer.

"I Still Care For You" was featured on the twelfth episode of the fifth season of House, "Painless," and "Sarah" was featured on the fourth episode of the sixth season, "Instant Karma." "You Are the Best Thing" was featured in the film, I Love You, Man.

It was also featured in an episode of Australian TV show Packed to the Rafters.

We may have heard lyrics of this type a thousand times before, as they evoke loneliness and longing, but rarely have they been expressed this authentically and this dramatically.

Echoes of Van Morrison's Astral Weeks are apparent in the gorgeous chamber jazz of "Sarah," and eerie, psychedelic British Isles folk -- complete with an otherworldly pedal steel -- haunts the grooves on "I Still Care for You." La Montagne and Johns are able to create varying yet webbed atmospheres in these songs.Here at Majestic we understand the financial and emotional investment our clients have in their animals. We are dedicated to transporting your horse with the utmost care to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your horse and a stress free experience for the owner.Ray La Montagne returns with his best work yet in Gossip In The Grain. The album starts off with one of his best songs, You Are The Best Thing.Meg White You're alright In fact I think You're pretty swell Can't you tell?Meg White Such a pretty thing I saw your face on the cover Of a magazine Someday I'd like To take a walk with you Maybe ride our Bikes down by the Seaside Meg White Saw you on the big screen Old Jack was keen But you stole the scene Meg White Baby, you're the bomb Old Jack is great Don't get me wrong But this is your song Someday I'd like To take a walk with you And talk about most anything You'd like to talk about And watch the sun going down Going down Playin' those drums Is hard to do It's true And nobody plays them Quite like you do Meg White You're alright In fact I think You're pretty swell Can't you tell?Last year, the singer followed up Trouble, his debut UK chart-topper, with the more solemn, introspective album Till the Sun Turns Black.

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