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Dress Up has the most inclusion within the story, as characters enlist your secondary skill as a fashion guru to complete a top to bottom look for them.Success will have them don the new duds for the rest of the game.The series' shift to 3DS has allowed developer Level-5 to revitalise the top hat-wearing hero, casting him in a bewitching new outing that makes fantastic use of the 3DS hardware with clever, rewarding puzzles and imaginative visuals.

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It feels more like a dating sim than anything, tugging at people's vanity.

Nutty Roller and Bloom Burst are self-contained minigames, with the former tasking you to deal with obstacles to allow a walnut to reach the goal tent, and the latter asking you to turn a neglected garden into a flowery paradise by arranging flowers in a precise pattern.

The neon glowing signs and bustling main streets of Monte d'Or stand in stark contrast to Layton's academia and Luke's 19th century Cockney chimney sweep demeanor.

If it seems unusual to wax lyrical about the locations in a Layton game, all becomes clear once you see Monte d'Or rendered in glorious 3D.

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This kind of whimsical concept, coupled with a charming plot, is one of the largest appeals of the Layton games.

And thankfully, that charm remains intact in Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask.

An interesting storyline and whimsical cast is only half of the appeal of any Professor Layton game. Likely not being the first game of the series that a new player will pick up, you'll find that of the 150 puzzles in the campaign and nearly 400 expected through the course of a year afterwards, plenty of concepts will feel familiar.

Also, the game still doesn't use the 3D feature or motion controls to a degree that would be considered revolutionary.

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