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I am sure everyone will find that one has happened to them, (I myself have been prone to several) and now will recognize when they are making an error in the future.

The Gambler’s fallacy is the tendency to think that future probabilities are altered by past events, when in reality, they are not.

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The eerie blue light from the big flat screen flickered on their faces.

Kaleen and Linda sat mesmerized on the couch in the darkened living room.

This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors.

It is because of the shielding and overprotection of our community, that we end up not being informed on the magnitude of these scandals and that we can pretend that these problems do not exist or are at least very limited among us.His fangs seemed to grow longer just moments before they sank into her neck. The sight of blood excited the vampire and he immediately pressed his lips into the blood, not wanting to let any escape. They actually found the moment rather titillating and sensual. “Did your Holy Ghost just quit working, or have you overridden your conscience so much this stuff doesn’t bother you anymore? Even if my Pastor didn’t care, my Parents would have put their foot down! “You’re starting to sound just like my Grandma, and she’s really old school.” Anna ignored the insult and continued with her lecture.Linda had confided to Kaleen that her boyfriend Derrick asked her to let him bite her on the neck and drink her blood, and then he wanted her to bite him back and drink his blood. What’s the difference between you and the world now? “Two years ago, you said your Pastor said he was going to quit preaching against you guys watching videos.Certain probabilities, such as getting a heads when you flip a (fair) coin, are always the same.The probability of getting a heads is 50%, it does not matter if you’ve gotten tails the last 10 flips. Cognition, the act or process of thinking, enables us to process vast amounts of information quickly.

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