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It aims to create ties between the monastic orders, the police, and state child welfare services.

The children I see seem innocent and happy in a mostly untouched corner of the world.

’The child is at the heart of Bhutan’s development.

Children receive high priority in Bhutan, guided by the King of Bhutan who has declared that “the future of our nation lies in the hands of our children.”And now a groundbreaking new child protection framework is being set up within the monastery school system, one that was formerly cut off and separate from state and social welfare programs.

Gewogs are official administrative units in Bhutan, each headed by a Gup.

From Tashiding sub-district in central Bhutan, her story is unusual in a country which is beset with societal taboos and where women’s representation in politics is extremely low, with only 8.5 per cent women in the National Assembly.

More than 4,000 live and study in monasteries across the country, usually sent by parents who can’t afford to feed their families.

Designed and funded by Unicef Bhutan, this new program aims to instill the concept of child rights into the monastic orders and, more practically, provide these children with a way of reporting violence, mistreatment, or abuse.

Gula's deportation came amid Pakistani pressure to send 2.5 million Afghan refugees back home even though Afghanistan is facing a bloody Taliban insurgency and would struggle to look after so many returnees.

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Because the Buddhist faith is tightly woven into the fabric of Bhutan’s immensely protected national identity, monks are still revered and for many remain an integral part of everyday life.

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