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However, the appellation "Greek" was abandoned by the Slavic and other Eastern Orthodox churches in connection with their peoples' national awakenings, from as early as the 10th century A. Orthodox Churches, unlike the Catholic Church, have no Bishopric head, such as a Pope, and hold the belief that Christ is the head of the Church. The majority of Greek Orthodox Christians live within Greece and elsewhere in the southern Balkans (especially in Albania), but also in Lebanon, Cyprus, Anatolia, European Turkey, and the South Caucasus.

However, they are each governed by a committee of Bishops, called the Holy Synod, with one central Bishop holding the honorary title of "first among equals." Greek Orthodox Churches are united in communion with each other, as well as with the other Eastern Orthodox Churches (such as the Russian Orthodox Church). In addition, due to the large Greek diaspora, there are many Greek Orthodox Christians who live in North America and Australia.

The short list includes: the Archbishop of Constantinople’s historical position as “first among equals” despite the Moscow Patriarchate’s superior numbers and wealth; Moscow Patriarch Kirill’s meeting with Pope Francis that angered Orthodox who consider Catholics heretics; and the struggle between the Jerusalem and Antioch Patriarchates over who has jurisdiction over Qatar.

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The goal of council organizer Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I: not to settle centuries of disagreement, but to find consensus by starting small.

“Bartholomew is not making this event an end in itself, but the start of a long process for Orthodox renewal,” Asia News translated from , a French newspaper.

So pulling together a Holy and Great Council meeting of the global representatives of 300 million Orthodox Christians for next week hasn’t been easy—even with the event being discussed since 1961.

A number of issues have cropped up in the last 1,000-plus years.

The Eastern Orthodox denomination is one of the oldest religious establishments in the world.

Until 1054 AD Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism were branches of the same body—the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Less than three weeks before the council was set to begin, the Bulgaria Patriarchate warned that unless more items were added to the agenda, it would not attend.

An estimated 200 million Christians are part of the Eastern Orthodox denomination today, making it the second-largest religion worldwide.

Michael Cerularius was the patriarch of Constantinople from 1043 -1058 AD, during Eastern Orthodoxy's formal separation from the Roman Catholic Church.

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