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At a time when it’s easier than ever before to learn about the purported benefits of getting married, single people are on the rise, and there’s a growing awareness that not everybody gets married by the time they’re 30, or 40, or 50 — that more and more people are building solo lives for themselves that would have been viewed as wildly unorthodox in the fairly recent past. In 1970, there were 38 million single people in the U.

S., and they made up just 28 percent of the population.

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Men are attracted to the idea of dating intelligent women - but don't actually like the reality of it.

That's according to researchers who carried out several studies into what men find desirable in women.

I’d come to the e Harmony headquarters in Pasadena, California, in early October to learn more about the site’s “scientifically proven” and patented Compatibility Matching System. The day before, after I’d taken the company’s exhaustive (and exhausting) 436-question personality survey, the computer informed me that of the approximately 9 million e Harmony members, more than 40 percent of whom are men, I had zero matches.

Not just in my city, state, region, or country, but in the entire world.

As Rebecca Traister pointed out in a recent cover story for New York Magazine — adapted from her book on the same subject — there are now so many single population.

For any other group of this size, social scientists would have dug in by now — they would have started figuring out what makes this group tick, what their preferences are, and what sets them apart from the rest of the population (that is, people who are married).

Neil Clark Warren’s office for less than fifteen minutes when he told me he had a guy for me.

It wasn’t surprising that the avuncular seventy-one-year-old founder of e, one of the nation’s most popular online dating services, had matchmaking on his mind.

Each point represents a person and the connecting lines show that they already have an academic connection.

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