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Ischia over the centuries has been the cradle of most civilizations: Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Byzantines and then the Normans, Swabians, Angevins and Aragonese that have followed, leaving traces of their cultures and civilizations.

A visit to the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae of Villa Arbusto, which contains considerable evidence of the various civilizations on the island from prehistoric Roman age, you can admire the famous Nestor’s Cup: an archeological finding of great importance as it shows one of the most ancient Greek writing – dates back to the eighth century BC – With an epigram section of Homer’s Iliad.

The jewel of the collection is "Nestor's cup" (top photo).

The Greeks settled on Ischia because everyone knows they just love islands, and this one had a nice, nostalgic Olympus-looking mountain on it (which turned out to be a volcano! Mainly, however, they wanted an island as a convenient place to trade with the Etruscans, the mainland power in the Italy of 700 b.c.

(the presumptive date of the settling of Pithecusa) without encroaching on the mainland, itself. Many centuries earlier, Mycenaean Greeks had visited the same bay.

“Not a glint of the green eyeshade of the accountant or a hint of the furrowed brow of the believer. we could hardly ascribe high seriousness to the poet: Who am I?

And even when god is mentioned, as in the three lines of verse inscribed on a drinking cup almost as old as the Athenian jug . None other than the luscious drinking cup of Nestor.

to show that writing was widespread enough in the Aegean by then to serve as a practical means of communication, for commerce and even early literature.

) oldest sample of Greek writing found inscribed on an object.Do not miss the Aragonese Castle, perhaps the most impressive monuments of Ischia, situated above the sea on a small island of volcanic origin.The Castle was built as a castrum in 474 BC, in the fourteenth century reached its peak, and today is home to exhibitions of art and music and film festivals.At the age of 17, Shapovalov is suiting up for Canada for the second time in Davis Cup play.He made his debut in Halifax last September, posting a straight-sets win in the fourth match of the tie. 234 on the pro circuit, he captured the Junior Wimbledon title just last year and recently posted a big victory over world No.He is 14-13 in Davis Cup action, and has been an integral part of the team since 2011 when he went 3-0 against Israel to send Canada back into the World Group for the first time in eight years. The longest-standing Davis Cup team member in Canada’s history, this will be Nestor’s 50 tie dating all the way back to 1992. 15 in doubles, the 44-year-old captured three ATP World Tour titles last season and made the semifinals of Brisbane in the first week of 2017.

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