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Local playwright Thomas Bradshaw centers his drama on a staunchly Republican African American attorney who’s tapped by conservative bigwigs to write a play about being a black card-carrying member of the GOP.

Set primarily in a high school locker room, Ruby Rae Spiegel’s drama follows two star swimmers floundering in the shark tank of adolescence. At its core is Rooster Byron, a hard-drinking outcast who manages to be both monstrous and sympathetic.

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When Terry and Vic meet for their first date, the dinner plans are shocking: Vic is the main course.

Inspired by a 2001 German case in which a man was cooked by his online sweetheart, playwright Benjamin Brand’s bad romance isn’t for the squeamish.

Shark expert George Burgess, the director of the Florida program for Shark Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History, said: 'Sharks like bull and tiger sharks can bite right through the shell of a sea turtle.

June 15: A 12-year-old girl from Asheboro lost part of her arm and suffered a leg injury and a 16-year-old boy from Colorado Springs, Colorado, lost his left arm less than 90 minutes later and about 2 miles away off the town of Oak Island. June 27: An 18-year-old man suffered injuries to his right calf, buttocks and both hands while swimming with others in shallow water off the Hatteras Island town of Waves.

Her facilitator is Douglas (Michael Patrick Thornton), a wheelchair bound therapist who frees her thoughts and reactions.

Their intimacy evokes feelings that neither one of them expect, which raises the suspicions of Justine’s sister Paula (Carolyn Braver).When one gets pregnant, the pair form an alliance to attempt a harrowing DIY abortion. When Galileo aired his hypothesis that the earth revolved around the sun, he put himself squarely at odds with the Catholic Church.Caridad Svich’s adaptation of the Julia Alvarez novel follows the Mirabal sisters, the now-iconic “butterflies” who died trying to oust Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. In David Hare’s adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s drama, the clash between science and faith is worthy of a cage match.He was taken to a Norfolk, Virginia, hospital in critical condition. Fife was hired behind Naomi Bennett's back by William White as a cutting edge genetic specialist who targeted experimental and risky procedures.On December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York exploded over Scotland, killing everyone on board.

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