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Emotional Cameron accompanied him to the interview, at the bosses’ luxury beach house, and was so overcome by nerves that he proceeded to knock over household objects and generally embarrass his partner.

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During the trip Mitchell was sprayed by a skunk, so needed a change of clothes – and wouldn’t you know it the only outfit in Jay’s car was a tight dress recently bought by his sexy wife Gloria.

Cue Mitchell awkwardly slipping into the dress – and again we had the stereotype of a gay guy in drag, one of the most tired comedy ideas out there.

From a production point of view it’s very well written, skillfully juggles its multiple storylines – it amazes me how each character is so well defined and gets equal screen time, and the cast are pure pros (it’s hard to pick a favorite but if pushed I’d have to opt for Sofia Vergara’s Gloria who’s pretty much non-stop hilarious. ) But over the last couple of episodes I’ve found myself growing a little uncomfortable while watching Cameron and Mitchell in action.

This week uptight Mitchell found himself up for an amazing job after recently quitting his position at a local law firm.

From left to right, are: Jane Belau, Tom Ersland, Raul Jalmasco, Rosemary Scott, Amelia Van Handel, Kathy Kerssen, Cindy Biorn, Ruth Firzloff.

Mayo Clinic Administrator Jonathan Torrens-Burton explained there always has been a policy against self-scheduled performances, but after years of problems, a new building standard was written to clarify the clinic's position.

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