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According to the university, the protests started peacefully, but became confrontational as protestors clashed with police and violence ensued. The four students shot and killed were Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder and Sandra Scheur.

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Some of the students who were shot had been protesting the Cambodian Campaign, which President Richard Nixon announced during a television address on April 30.

Other students who were shot had been walking nearby or observing the protest from a distance.

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This reporter, who was with the group of students, did not see any indication of sniper fire, nor was the sound of any gunfire audible before the Guard volley. A Justice Department spokesman said no decision had been made to investigate. the hospital said that six students had been treated for gunshot wounds.

Students, conceding that rocks had been thrown, heatedly denied that there was any sniper. At this afternoon, after the shootings, the university president, Robert I. Three were reported in critical condition and three in fair condition.Select an event below to view more information or to register.Visit the University Events Calendar for additional events.It is my hope that this tragic and unfortunate incident will strengthen the determination of all the nation's campuses, administrators, faculty and students alike to stand firmly for the right which exists in this country of peaceful dissent and just as strong against the resort to violence as a means of such expression." In Columbus, Sylvester Del Corso, Adjutant General of the Ohio National Guard, said in a statement that the guardsmen had been forced to shoot after a sniper opened fire against the troops from a nearby rooftop and the crowd began to move to encircle the guardsmen. Wenger, the Assistant Adjutant General, said the troops had opened fire after they were shot at by a sniper."They were understanding orders to take cover and return any fire," he said. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to aid in looking into the campus violence.The May 4 Task Force (M4TF), a student organization at Kent State University, organizes a number of commemorative events.

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