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Thankfully my cancer is in remission following treatment, although I still experience some pain. As a nurse I am aware that, despite the best medical care and the finest hospices, there is a chance of dying in pain and distress with a loss of my personal dignity.

She trained at the St Thomas's Hospital, where she became casualty sister.

Then, coming from an Army family – she was the last child born in the barracks at Fort George – she enrolled in the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps (QAs) at the Cambridge Hospital at Aldershot, qualifying additionally as a Registered Mental Nurse and served as sister tutor (psychiatry) at Woolwich Military Hospital.

After her father's death, she returned to sea and began working on the Zenith.

Later she was to work on the Century, where she met Henrik Brixen who was the ship's plumber.

Soaking up the sunshine, the couple looked like they were enjoying their quality time together as Jane took time out of her hectic TV schedule.

The brunette showed off her slender figure in the red two-piece, which she matched with her bright red manicure.Shortly after accepting the position, at the age of 35, Mc Donald was contacted by Chris Terrill of the BBC, who asked her to be the star of his docusoap, The Cruise.The Cruise was regularly watched by 14 million viewers, and after years of hard work, she became a celebrity overnight.She’s garnered her sizeable fan base off of her down-to-Earth, unassuming and sincere approach, and it’s clear to see this is both exactly who she is and what she loves doing, and Jane is the first to not take it all - or herself - too seriously.From poking fun at having to have the printed to set list up on stage to remember it all, to some hearty banter with her band, a splash of physical comedy in attempts to mount a high stool in heels through to some obligatory (and even saucy) back-and-forth with longtime friend Sue Ravey, Mc Donald the person is every bit as entertaining, engaging and enjoyable to watch as her big musical numbers.It keeps it all incredibly human and likeable amidst all the show-stopping belts and roof-raising rises.

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