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Yes, it’s an adjustment but Captain & Tennille will be performing on the island on the 8th with special guest stars, the Bay City Rollers. I don’t know what they do exactly but I think it involves science and finding a starring vehicle for Jenna Elfman. No more prenatal research and sniper assignments for me. They must’ve gotten a deal on VW vans here because that’s all you see. They say Chevy trucks are built tough but these babies can drive through the cloud monster without stalling. He’s now with us speaking better English that Hurly.

More good news – Jin survived that massive freighter explosion.

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would be totally evil and either pick three men I absolutely adore or three men I completely abhor just so I would have to make the ultimate Sophie's choice.

On a completely random side note: While I was looking for photos of Grégoire for this post, I ran across this photo of him and some guy named Esteban Carvajal Alegria.

But both may have potential to turn things around...

later, and to our advantage, once the initial stages have passed.

This is an unavoidable side-effect of being made out of vacuum-molded plastic.

(But admittedly Chris Pine is made out of very pretty vacuum-molded plastic.

Pluto draws out what's harmful, causes discomfort, but then allows healing to take place.

Saturn and Uranus struggle to find balance between rigidity and flux.

I suppose it's not too surprising that something like this should emerge just now.

Yet another verse to add to our current song of woe.

Maybe this is Barbie as Zachary Quinto as Sylar as Spock?

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