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Compared to Spain (where I am now) the teaching was a lot more relaxed.The Ecuadorian students were lively and in most classes they tried to make me dance at some point.

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A friend of mine who spent years living and working in Peru finds Peruvians hardly amicable.

Another who travelled across South America thought that people in Bolivia are rude and cold.

To start with I felt shy, especially with no music, or beer, but as time went on their enthusiastic high-on-life attitude rubbed off on me and I happily danced for a bit; as long as they provided the rhythm with a decent clapping beat. Often they would interrogate me about whether I’d had sex with an Ecuadorian woman yet, and some males students would openly ask me what I thought of some of the female students.

It was all harmless fun so I wasn’t bothered and just laughed it off, but be warned.

I’ll never forget the moment I truly became aware of the Black presence in Latin-America.

I was around 11 on a family trip to Cancun, Mexico taking a tour of the nearby island of Isla Mujeres.

What’s up with people visiting countries and always, inevitably and predictably falling in love with its people?

Each time I plan to visit a new place, I spend hours on the web reading about it.

As we rode the small boat back to mainland there was a Black family that I had initially assumed was also from the U.

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