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One discovers that this story is not, therefore, a historical representation of a Jewish rebel carpenter who had physical incarnation in the Levant 2,000 years ago.

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Why Arabic and not Swahili, Hausa, Sango, Zulu or any of the other ethnic African languages?

African Americans who convert to Islam are told to wear the long flowing Arabic style of dress natural to living in a desert climate rather than one of the African styles of dress developed for living in the tropics or the savanna.

Shocking as it may seem to the general populace, the most enduring and profound controversy in this subject is whether or not a person named Jesus Christ ever really existed., when one examines this issue closely, one will find a tremendous volume of literature that demonstrates, logically and intelligently, time and again that Jesus Christ is a mythological character along the same lines as the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Sumerian, Phoenician, Indian or other godmen, who are all presently accepted as myths rather than historical figures.

Delving deeply into this large body of work, one uncovers evidence that the Jesus character is based upon much older myths and heroes from around the globe.

Women are told they must wear the Arabic "hijab." It seems that being a Muslim means being Arabic, not African!

How can becoming an Arab be "as natural as breathing" for an African?

Concerning the issue of Christianity, for example, the majority of people are taught in most schools and churches that Jesus Christ was an actual historical figure and that the only controversy regarding him is that some people accept him as the Son of God and the Messiah, while others do not.

However, whereas this is the raging debate most evident in this field today, it is not the most important.

Obviously, considering the time and energy spent on them, the subjects of Christianity and its legendary founder are very important to the Western mind and culture.

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