High income online dating

I live in a very expensive city where most people live in apartments/condos. I usually meet first dates out at restaurants and if the date goes well I accept a ride home. I get lots of uncomfortable jokes about it (I don't make THAT much - just more than most guys do).I get lots of comments on the house like, "You live here … I have two nannies, and I often get jokes about my "staff" …

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DEAR MIDLIFE BACHELOR: I challenge the notion that earning a high income is positive for a woman.

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I love my work, but I need to give it a break at the end of the day.

I imagine that most men like to leave their office behind at the end of the day, too.

Demanding work schedules and fast-paced lives don't mean you have to sacrifice a fulfilling personal life.

At Elite Singles we're here to help you find love, at your own pace.

Gina Stewart, an online dating coach with Expert Online Dating.com, says that my salary shame is unfounded.

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