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All you need to operate and customize the application is made available in its main window. The application automatically recognizes all compatible devices that are connected to your computer and all you have to do is give it the Ok to start the video feed.Since you can connect two cameras and view the video from both of them at the same time, there is a chance that you might use different models, meaning that the resolutions are different.

Camera viewer app is an application that you can use to view feeds from two cameras at the same time and even capture images from them.

It displays a user-friendly interface and in some ways it’s a bit rough around the edges but that doesn’t affect usability in any way.

Here are some sweet deals for you to take advantage of: That’s right, we said FREE. During the months of September and October, when you book a standard surf package (tours or lessons) for at least seven days, we’ll give you the room for absolutely nothing. Everything else we include in our surf packages, such as participation in the surf school and surf tours remains the same. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is what it is today because our guests told their friends about their amazing experiences here. Our 50/50 program is super simple – every time a friend books a surf trip with us and drops your name as the referral, you’ll each get a $50 credit.

We love our single travelers so much that we’ve set aside a couple of our beach-front Courtyard rooms and offer you a reduced rate (one room for guys, one room for gals – 3 people to a room).

Dog, I'm almost 90% sure she didn't order that clock online.

The way it's made you can tell that someone made it themselves.Yes, it will rain, sometimes a thunderstorm every day. For just 5, you can spend a full week at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp; including airport pickup and drop-off from Liberia Airport, Lessons or Tours program with all instruction and transportation, Board Rental, and yummy Daily Breakfast…and a FREE ROOM.But it’s unpredictable, last October it only rained five days in the whole month (score! To make this work, we have set some minimum occupancies on the rooms–but don’t worry–we also have a great solution for single travelers: Tiki Rooms, FREE with Double Occupancy minimum. September and October are the only really slow months of the year, so we decided to offer the best surf deal on the planet: If you book our standard surf package (lessons or tours) for at least seven days, Saturday to Saturday, we’ll give you the room for FREE!FREE ROOM FALL Green Season in Tamarindo is one of our favorite times. Here’s what we do know: the south swell waves will be uncrowded, all the flowers and plants will be in full glorious bloom, the temperature will still be tropical, the town will be mellow, the staff will be even more tranquillo than usual, airline rates will be at their lowest, and you can have a surf vacation in Costa Rica for chump change.Refer a group of guests, and you’ll have a nice bar tab waiting for you the next time you come down!

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