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disaster this week after hackers accessed its computer systems and are now threatening to expose the names of customers.) Before they’re admitted, prospective members of Fidelity Dating must agree to a unique contract: “By signing up, you agree you are not in a relationship.

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The site, which officially launched in January, is aimed at “infidelity survivors” seeking other singles who’ve also been through cheating scandals. Stay faithful,” the service is hoping to provide an antidote to popular cheaters’ sites like Ashley Madison, which claims to have a staggering 15.75 million US members and whose motto is: “Life is short.

Have an affair.” (Ironically, Ashley Madison is in the midst of a p.r.

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Absent-mindedly opening up a document on her boyfriend’s computer, Julie Surrey could not believe her eyes.

The file she’d inadvertently clicked on contained a scanned marriage license, revealing that her live-in lover of eight years had just exchanged vows with another woman.

I want to try it out, but I can't seem to find any girs who are into it, which is pretty surprising. Cuckold historically referred to a man with an adulterous woman, but has largely fallen out of use.

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