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Therefore, I decided to create a page to walk through a decompression example. The relevant sections in the JPEG Standard are quite obscure -- enough so that I set out to analyze several JPEG images to reverse-engineer how the huffman coding was being applied in a JPEG JFIF file.

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No doubt that today's revelations violate HIPPA and probably many other laws, yet there's no one looking to hold anyone accountable.

All of this just further confirms my decisions to stay with as much open-source software for our office, maintain everything in-house, and work with internet providers and carriers who are a bit on the hippie/libertarian side of things. No, but it certainly makes it us a much more difficult target when not using the standard stuff.

There are many sites that describe the generic huffman coding scheme, but none that describe how it will appear in a JPEG image, after factoring in the DHT tables, interleaved chroma subsampling components, etc.

While it is relatively easy to understand the JPEG marker extraction, the Start of Scan data segment is the least understood and most important part of the image data.

if it’s installed, you’ll find it in the list of installed programs in your Control Panel.

If you’re not sure whether you need Java, try uninstalling it anyway. If you can’t uninstall Java yet and still need it, we’ll give you some strategies for mitigating the security problems you face with Java installed.

Use the AWS:: Cloud Formation:: Init type to include metadata on an Amazon EC2 instance for the cfn-init helper script.

If your template calls the cfn-init script, the script looks for resource metadata rooted in the AWS:: Cloud Formation:: Init metadata key. cfn-init supports all metadata types for Linux systems.

You can specify a configset when you call cfn-init in your template.

If you don't specify a configset, cfn-init looks for a single config key named Note The cfn-init helper script processes these configuration sections in the following order: packages, groups, users, sources, files, commands, and then services.

EDITED TO ADD (9/13): An opposing view to my call to action.

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