Elucidating synonym

Is the preacher emphasizing and elucidating the five points?

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Bacteriologist, perform your share in elucidating this difficulty.

Not so much for the purpose of elucidating, as to clear the way, and give distinctness to the course of my argument.

However it may be, we will for the present leave to others the task of elucidating the question of origin.

But to elucidate this point some further considerations are necessary touching the general nature of knowledge.

Dark-adapted leaves in these plants were illuminated in fluctuating light alternating between high light at 1,200 µmol m every 2 min, and PSI and PSII parameters were simultaneously measured for 160 min with 830 nm absorption and Chl fluorescence, respectively.

When CEF-PSI, especially PGR5-mediated CEF-PSI, did not operate, the acceptor-side limitation of PSI, Y(NA), increased stepwise, leading to marked PSI photoinhibition.

Elucidate is from Late Latin elucidare, from the Latin prefix e- "thoroughly" plus lucidus "clear, bright." This Latin adjective is the source of English lucid, which describes someone who thinks clearly or something that is clear enough to understand.

It has been claimed that the cyclic electron flow around PSI (CEF-PSI) plays an important role in protection of PSI against fluctuating light photoinhibition.

So, instead of discovering, I decided we were elucidating instead.

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