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Between calling Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” and refusing to say whether he’d accept the election results, Donald Trump had an abysmal final presidential debate.

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Watch out for over-the-top flattery, such as, "That is the funniest thing I've ever heard," or, "You are the most interesting person I've ever met." You might be funny and interesting, but c'mon. If a woman uses absolutes, she's getting her flirt on.

If a woman keeps touching your arm or hands (or anywhere else) while chatting you up, chances are you're in flirtcon level 10.

They were reportedly joined by a CNN producer, an NBC News reporter and an ABC News cameraman, among other assorted members of the press. Donald Trump is easily one of the most controversial presidential candidates of all time, particularly regarding his treatment of women.

When you’re working on a volatile campaign like that, it is probably best not to live by the rule, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”And Election Day is on November 8 — yep, that’s only 15 days away.

"This is a restaurant, not a strip club," I told my friend, feigning annoyance.

It never occurred to me that an attractive woman would expend the energy to pay me any attention, until my lunch pal assured me it was possible.

She also set me straight on the ground rules of flirting, and passed on some helpful hints so that I'll know if it's happening in the future.

I separated her advice into two categories: flirting myths and flirting signals.

The former bookstore manager eventually implicated Celeste in the plot to kill her husband.

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