Dating the end

Camping must quit preaching forever on May 22, 2011, as an act of repentance for speaking where the Bible is silent!

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But, especially after the war, "going steady" was a regular feature of high school and college life; the age of marriage dropped considerably, and high school or college sweethearts often married right after, or even before, graduation.

Finding a mate, no less than getting an education that would enable him to support her, was at least a tacit goal of many a male undergraduate; many a young woman, so the joke had it, went to college mainly for her MRS degree, a charge whose truth was proof against libel for legions of college coeds well into the 1960s.

Dating is a romantic activity where two Sims spend their time doing romantic things together.

This feature is the main theme of The Sims: Hot Date and The Sims 2: Nightlife.

A Sim who is already Downtown can approach another Sim and say "Let's Date" or "Let's Hang Out".

The controllable Sim will be able to use the "Ask About Mood" interaction to determine which motive his or her date wants to fulfill at that moment.For the great majority, the way to the altar is uncharted territory: It's every couple on its own bottom, without a compass, often without a goal.Those who reach the altar seem to have stumbled upon it by accident....After a crisis, you may be able to survive for a time alone, but you will never be able to thrive unless you have companionship.Humans need social interaction and connection with others in order to function to their full potential.Until what seems like only yesterday, young people were groomed for marriage, and the paths leading to it were culturally well set out, at least in rough outline.

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