Dating game ideas for married couples

All of the games/levels are found on the website here.

They give you the name, the supplies you’ll need, and an explanation video – they call it a Blueprint – of how to play each game.

There is no shortage of games for couples, both dating and married, that can be played in a church setting.

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Whatever the genre, seeing the music that has passed it's prime but still holds a place in both, your heart and that of your spouse, will be a great conversation starter and will be a lot of fun.

Also check out the music festivals that are coming to your town.

Go for a scenic drive on back roads, stop at country stores and soak in the scenery. An outdoor baseball game is probably the most adaptive to a date.

Discover the charisma of low-profile blues bar, Barb-Q restaurant or similar such establishment.

TIP: Read ' Tell Me Honey...2000 Questions for Couples' , the best-selling book for couples.

Ask your partner questions and discover new sides to each other! Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that make our memories so wonderful.

It is an awesome game where the contestant has one minute to complete random games made from household items.

A few years back I submitted an audition tape to the Amazing Race…obviously, I didn’t make it. ) Anyhow…when NBC started Minute to Win It, my husband and I got hooked.

(Especially Jeopardy, but I’m still working up to that one!

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