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Melissa, too, earns the attention of good guy Jamie, a massage therapist.

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See full summary » Two girls go away to a holiday resort looking for a change of pace, hoping to meet some nice men for a change.

They discover that they can't find the perfect man, and this forces them to reconsider thei attitudes to men in general. Near the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, Stacy (Lea Thompson) and Melissa (Victoria Jackson) plan a vacation at a health spa to find a "safe" guy to date and/or marry.

This shocking revelation comes courtesy of Markus Frind, founder of the immensely popular dating site Plenty of Fish, who explained his reason for shutting down the site’s casual sex section by announcing that of the site’s 3.3 million daily U. users, there are only 6,041 “women” looking for a no-strings hookup — and, even still, many of them are actually men. First is the hypothesis of feminine exploration: “Due to the pressure of cultural stereotypes, it may be difficult for some men to explore within themselves what society labels as ‘feminine’ characteristics” and the “anonymity of cyberspace” allows them to “express their ‘feminine’ side which they feel they must otherwise hide.”Second is a theory of attention-seeking.

He told users that the “Intimate Encounters” section “can be summed up as a bunch of horny men talking to a bunch of horny men pretending to be women.” Of course, I’m kidding about this being surprising news. “Donning a female name and/or avatar, especially a sexy one, will almost instantly draw reactions,” he writes.

Participants were also asked how often they climaxed during sex in a relationship and a random encounter.

The researchers found that both men and women were more likely to orgasm when they were in a relationship than when they were hooking up with someone.

In the 2004 academic article titled “Do Boys (and Girls) Just Wanna Have Fun?

“The gender-switched male may even like the feeling of power and control over other males that goes along with this switch.” (Somewhat relatedly, Suler suggests that being a female in certain online games “may be advantageous.”) For some, posing as a woman online is a form of detective work,” he says.

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New research reveals that women are less likely to climax when having a casual sexual encounter than they are in a relationship.

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