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A 2014 Facebook poll supports the finding that New York is a difficult place to meet people. “Sometimes when you’re in a big city and there are thousands and thousands of people you might find attractive, it becomes so overwhelming that you don’t engage in the dating culture at all,” Garcia said.2.

One of my first jobs in my new role was to work with the magazine's global editorial team, to create a worldwide dating survey and then analyse all the answers we got back.

Over 11,000 people worldwide responded to the Time Out Global Dating Survey.

In an argument with your partner, when your heart rate goes over 100 beats per minute, you are incapable of hearing what your partner is trying to tell you.

Only 10% of people who leave their marriage end up marrying the person with whom they had an affair.

The least happy daters, on the other hand, live in New York City.

Forty-five percent of NYC respondents reported that they were “sad to be single,” a much higher percentage than any other city. cities, it was ranked the third least likely place to find a partner, just behind San Francisco and Washington D. According to Justin Garcia, a gender studies professor at Indiana University who is quoted in the WSJ article, choice doesn’t always benefit people looking for relationships.

’s global dating survey, which polled some 11,373 readers from across the globe about their dating habits.

They analyze the data from the 12 cities that generated the greatest volume of responses: London, New York, Paris, Chicago, Beijing, Melbourne, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Forty-one percent of respondents worldwide say they decide whether they want to go on a second date with someone only two to three minutes into their first date.

The most frequently cited dating dealbreakers include bad breath, bad politics and poor resemblance to your profile picture.3.

However for me, the interesting number '3' was in the comments by a Chinese man who answered the survey.

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