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16 minutes If you run any site with a large audience, it’s easy to fall into the trap of producing just any old content and forgetting why people followed you in the first place.

Though what I’m about to share in this post is going to be highly focused on paid traffic, there are a large number of insights for those who have no interest in doing the same.

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You can block ads from categories related to sensitive topics such as Religion, Politics, and References to Sex and Sexuality.

Sensitive category blocking is available for ads in a limited set of languages, regardless of the language of the site.

To give you editorial control over the ads that appear on your site, we offer several options for reviewing and blocking ads that may appear on your pages.

The Allow & block ads page in your account is the place where you tell us if there are any ads you don't want, and what kinds you don't want.

Affiliates are advertisers who earn commission on traffic or business sent to third-party partners.

We work directly with businesses to help retarget their visitors, not individual or organized affiliates.This is in line with our policy that the website in review must demonstrate added value.Signals we use to identify affiliate businesses: Aggregators are websites that compile third-party content and links so visitors can easily assess their options.I remember when a friend of mine paid ,000 for just a few hours of coaching to a fairly famous internet marketer.I thought he was and should really be learning the basics first as he had never even built a website before.We are typically not able to promote alcohol sales.

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