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Dating sites, he says, don’t have the regulatory requirements and standards that banking and healthcare companies have, and even with several extra layers of security and bureaucracy, those sites still get hacked, exposing personal and financial data. That’s not to say that any one dating site is more vulnerable than the next, or that Goel has information that hackers have been snooping around a particular site.

Some dating sites are not only unregulated—they gather credit card numbers. But in the wake of the Ashley Madison leak, as e-sleuths across the world are sorting through the private information and sexual preferences of 32 million people, hackers can now see the sort of attention they can stir up by leaking dating data.

Among all women surveyed, the number who reported anal sex in their most recent sexual encounter was 3 percent to 4 percent.

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A Grindr leak has the potential to rattle the political world.

Since the app shows users’ precise locations, it would be difficult to deny activity.

told us they didn’t condone rape "without shouting surprise"?

Unsurprisingly, the article was pulled after its founders were accused of trivialising rape.

Roughly half of all men and women have attempted anal sex, according to a national sexual health survey from Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute.

But “attempting” and “enjoying” are two different things.

And for a lot of couples, the discomfort – or even severe pain – associated with their first try at anal sex scares them away from any follow-up experimentation.

.) In fact, roughly 70 per cent of women Herbenick polled for the survey reported feeling pain during their most recent anal sex episode.

Estimated number of users: 5 million Launched: 2009 Embarrassment Potential: While most people using Grindr are openly gay men looking for casual sex and longterm relationships, there are many who use it to live a double life.

A few conservative politicians and anti-gay religious leaders have already lost their jobs and their families after their accounts were discovered.

“Make sure to let your lover know how happy you are with your intimate life,” Herbenick says.

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