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As Oliver was being presented with the new Heritage model he consulted on, he was more than willing to field questions about his fabulous fliptop.How did you get into building instrument amplifiers?

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At this performance, he used the Musicales with its Principal and Rsonance diffuseurs. First used on High and Dry, it was later applied for Exit Music, Morning Bell (with delay) and House of Cards (with lots of RE201 delay/reverb).

A photo of Jean-Loup Dierstein delivering the very first of his new Ondes Musicales to Jonny in 2011.

A seminal figure in Ampeg lore, Oliver was the first person to put reverb in a guitar amp, helped design the vacuum form machine for the Ampeg Baby Bass, and hired Bill Hughes, the man behind the SVT.

His place in music history, however, is firmly cemented by his invention of the B-15.

right inside the enclosure for ultimate portability while the PF-112HLF, PF-115LF and PF-410HLF are ported to hit hard and low.

Legendary history in a modern design — Ampeg Portaflex Series.

It'd be awesome if you could upgrade to a modern browser, especially Chrome and Firefox as that is the best out there right now. You might find some of the information useful in determining which speaker would be best suited to your application.

The picture is a section of the basket rim of a speaker.

Ampeg’s Portaflex series combines the vintage styling of Ampeg’s iconic cabinet design with a selection of modern, powerful heads and legendary all-tube tone.

The PF-350, PF-500 and PF-800 heads are perfect for bassists that demand high-output in a lightweight, portable design.

Jonny also used The Tremulator on the 1994 acoustic performance of You, when he plays Eds riff.

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