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She was named one of the 50 most beautiful celebrities in the world by Who says women can't play football?

At 5'6" and 110 pounds, Gray is the team captain and starting quarterback for the New York Majesty of the Lingerie Football League.

(even though it was a lot of fun while it lasted and I met some amazing people)” – Ali Sonoma So there you have it.

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ALI: I moved on from the UFC for two reasons: one being they shunned my relationship with Diego Sanchez, two being I was ready to move on and up in the world.

It was my time to go, that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it, because sometimes I do, but I’m happy regardless. ALI: I am a model for MMA Authentics and Cage Fighter. I don’t have any agreement with Throwdown, that was a one time only shoot.

Au contraire, she has landed the biggest non-UFC gig of any Octagon girl.

I wish I could tell you what “The Mole” is but, sadly, I have never seen the show.

The problem has apparently worked itself out as Celeste and Josh Burkman are no longer an item and Sonoma is no longer a ring girl.

Best of luck to Ali in her pursuit of new endeavors.PRO MMA: Even though you don’t work with the UFC any more, you are still involved with MMA is that correct? PRO MMA: What else are you doing these days professionally besides Throwdown?ALI: Actually I am going back to school and working on getting my business degree.“My beautiful wife Bernadette Sanchez,” Diego joyfully tweeted. I think joint accounts change everything.” True dat, homie. honeymooners:))” In response to a fan who suggested they enjoy the alone time while it lasted because everything would officially change once they started cranking out kids, Sanchez sharply replied, “You think??? Not to get all up in Diego’s business, but he previously dated former UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma, as well…Sanchez is scheduled to face UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes this fall.

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